Hey Witches,

I get a lot of questions about the Planner and I wanted to make a place where I can answer a lot of them in one place!


Q - What paper are the inserts printed on?
A - They are printed on 100gsm and are A5 sized with 6 hole punch.

Q - What is the difference between NH and SH?
A - The Northern Hemisphere refers to the half of the planet that is north of the equator, while the Southern Hemisphere is the half south of the equator.

Q - What material is the Planner made from?
A - The planner is made from a high-quality faux leather! (V)

Q - When will you be releasing next years?
A - I usually release pre order for the next year around September.

Q - Where is my order?
A - Please be sure to check your order status page to find your Tracking Code. You can use this website: to find your order. Some items on the shop have 'Shipped via supplier' in the description, this means that my supplier ships this order out themselves. Due to COVID-19, worldwide shipping is taking much longer than usual. Please allow up to 30 days, after this amount of days, we can class your order as 'Lost in the mail' and we can organise a refund.



Q - How do I print the planner?
A - I recommend for at home printing to use the following settings:
Open single page file > Print > Booklet > 2 page view > Left Binding > select print pages 2 - onwards > Double Sided